At Dalworth Technologies, we feature a high-tech production facility that is flexible and quickly adaptable to meet your specific tooling, molding, and plastic component needs. We do it all right here in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our tool manufacturing and plastic injection molding capabilities span a broad range of products and industries. Due to our modern production methods and dedicated team, we have set ourselves apart from others in the industry. We specialize in turnkey projects in tooling and plastic components from design to packaging. Browse through our website to learn more about our wide range of services and tool manufacturing in Texas.

Why Choose Dalworth Technologies?

Dedicated, team-focused, cost-effective, and quality minded. That’s what you get when you depend on Dalworth Technologies. Our engineering services, manufacturing capabilities, and QMS system are second to none. Also, we have nine molding machines with capabilities that range from 55 to 400 tons.

Our team understands that quality, efficiency, and smart processes lead to valuable products at cost-effective prices. Quality runs throughout the entire team, and we all believe in doing it right! At our tooling facility, we are fully equipped to handle top-of-the-line, production-ready tooling as well as repair and maintenance. We have the experience to run professional tooling that requires cosmetic finishes and/or close tolerances. The tool makers at our facility have seen and fixed just about any crash, wear and tear, broken inserts, and any other mold malfunction.

In addition, we don’t stop at just making or repairing your tooling. We have state-of-the-art presses to run these molds. These machines are run by a staff of highly skilled process technicians. Our process techs not only process “common” material such as ABS, nylon, polypropylene, and polystyrene, they have skills in POM, polycarbonate, and TPUs. The process techs follow strict guidelines from the start to the end of a run, making sure your tool remains in product-ready condition. We are capable of multi-machine runs, short runs, mold tests, multi-year, and engineering setups.

The Highest Quality Injection Molding

Dalworth started off as a family-owned business, and even though it is still run by the family, we have made the necessary steps from being a local business to becoming a global corporation. As a rapidly growing company starting from one building and one press to five buildings and nine presses, our capabilities have grown to include the increasing number of turnkey processes. Our injection molding machines capabilities range from 55 - to 400-ton processes and include a hydraulic toggle to all electric. We have worked on a wide array of plastic parts and molds--from phone products to airplane modules and gun parts to water treatment equipment.

The team members at our facilities always have smiling faces, because they love what they do and prove with their actions that Dalworth Technologies is a top-of-the-line molding facility. We handpicked our employees for their ability to catch even the slightest imperfections in your part, as well as their ability to operate machines with delicacy and precision. We love our community and are very proud of being part of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. That’s why we give back as much as we can to thank the businesses and the organizations in our community. You’ll find we are a hardworking and determined team that works with you from conception of the product through the shipping process. If you need an experienced workforce and facility to run your mold, we are your one-stop shop in the DFW area.

Contact us if you need customized tool manufacturing for your business. We proudly serve clients throughout Texas.